Exercise 10.1

My table lamp

Dear manager:

I’m writing about our new target  audience of the new released table lamp.

The target audience are college students. Te lamp of foldable, which suits the need of college students well. The students are moving from place to place very often and have a strong need for a good lamp. Our lamps have different lighting modes including reading, studying, relaxing, and sleeping. It’s not bulky and have a strong function.

Thank you for reading


9.1 Product Review

Beats Executive Wired Headphone

❤️❤️❤️  Well finished, but there are noise

I purchased this headphone 8 months ago. I noticed a consisting murmurous noise since the first second I put it on. Later on I found out that noise cancels the environmental noise. It produces a much quiet place for me in some cases such as during a flight. But the noise still bothers me a lot in everyday use where it’s already quiet around. The leather finished ear pads are very soft and comfortable. The music quality is also very good even. However, the peadphone body is pretty heavy compare to regular beats headphone models.

9.2 Movie Review: Minions

Minions is a cartoon comedy film directed by Pierre Coffin and Kyle Balda in 2015. It’s an amusing movie for both children and adults and is good for families to watch together.

Movie Minions explained that the Minions are the yellow creatures existed since the beginning of the time and are craving for pledge allegiance to the most despicable creature in the world. The movie told the story of how the Minions found their ultimate master Gru.

Minions is an interesting movie that can make your day and gives you and your family a good time. But the story id relatively simple and don’t include any educational purpose. Also, the movie includes some illegal events such as robing banks and stealing without marking these behaviours are wrong and improper.

Outline of Informative Essay

Thesis: Fashion style changes fast. However, there’s several rules that doesn’t pass away. Today, I’m going to introduce some basic rules in how to dress up yourself.

Point 1: Color match up. Three Classics: black, white and grey. etc

Evidence ( Explained with text or using pictures.

Point 2: Structure (Long&Short): Don’t ever do 5:5, both 3:7 and 7:3 are fine. But 3:7 is easier or hold on. Refining body structure: High Heels.

Evidence: ( you always want highlight long legs?, etc.)

Point 3: Shape: Triangle, inverted triangle, rectangular, olive, etc.

Evidence: you need to be balanced. you don’t want to look heavy on the upper body and too light on foot, etc.

Exercise 3.1 & 3 DOCS Genre Analysis

Response essays located on:


DOCS Analysis #21
Genre Response to Disney movies using The Little Mermaid as an example
Design Include text paragraphs without a title
Organization First stated that the “evil” or “good” people can have similar appearances in reality.

Then stated how Disney movies distinguish “good” and “evil” people from their appearance/

Finally commended that Disney movies influence children’s beliefs in a wrong way.

Content “good” and “ evil” people can have similar appearances in reality. However, Disney movies label good characters with perfect appearances, great living environment and bright vibrant colours and label evil characters with ugly dark looking appearance and horrible living environment. With a great influence in children’s opinions, Disney movies lead children’s beliefs of evil and good people into a wrong way.
Style The author responded to Disney movies in an objective way that’s mainly supported by examples and only contained a few opinion expressions using term “I”


DOCS Analysis #6
Genre Response to tale Snow-white and Rose-red
Design Include only text paragraphs without a title
Organization First stated that Snow-white and Rose-red is a conservative adult-centered text.

Then analysis why and how the text is conservative.

Then analysis why and how the text is adult-centered.

Finally stated again that Snow-white and Rose-red is a conservative adult-centerer text.

Content The author analysed that the tale Snow-white and Rose-red is a conservative adult-centerer text as it constructed a story where the girls are helpful, doing traditional “girl” things and are always obedient to their mother’s order since the mother knows more than a kid does. Author suggested that the tale tried to teach children that if they are obedient and good, they will earn reward.
Style The response essay supported it’s central idea with real examples from the responding text. No subjective judgements or term “I” is included.



DOCS Analysis #10
Genre Reading response to Tumble Tower by Anne Tyler
Design Include several paragraphs and a title, only text is included.
Organization The author first introduced the book and then included analysis from different aspects.
Content The response first reflected what the book is about and then included authors’ own understanding regarding book topic (messiness). Then included the connection between Tyler’s book and the realities.
Style Author analysis it in an objective way where no expression of personal opinion or judgements such as “I” is included